The Pound for Pound Strongest Animal On the Planet

Pound for pound titles aren’t only given to boxers, they can sometimes be given to animals, also. Pound for pound is essentially another name for relative to it’s body weight. And one of the most notable and interesting characteristics that can be judged by the pound for pound standard is sheer physical strength. So the question is, who is the pound for pound strongest animal on the planet?

Well, first of all, it should be noted that there is a problem in a way that we measure strength differences between different animals. You can’t just have them all do a single lift like a deadlift or squat and measure their strength output. That’s because of the differences in their physiology and range of motion and so on. But still, the main criteria for measuring the strength of animals will be how much weight can they lift up.

The pound for pound strongest animal on the planet is widely considered to be, this might shock some people (viewer discretion is advised) dung beetle. These small scarabs are incredibly strong for their size.

How Strong Are They?

Dung beetle rolling a ball of dung. Image credits: Mymfimgur

Dung beetles are the strongest insects, as well as animals on Earth. Male dung beetles can lift weights that are 1141 times heavier than their own average body weight. This is equivalent to an average-sized human lifting 80 tons. That’s pretty impressive.

Their jaw-dropping strength seems to be a genetic characteristic, but they also develop and improve it by fighting each other. You see, male dung beetles compete with each other for females by “wrestling” with their horns.

Where Do They Live?

Dung beetles live in all continents except for Antarctica. They live in habitats that range from deserts to forests.

Types of Dung Beetles

There are three man types of dung beetles: dwellers, tunnelers, and rollers.

Rollers are responsible for turning pieces of dung into little balls of dung. After this metamorphosis, they are being rolled into the holes that dung beetles live in. They later use those balls as food or places to lay their eggs in.

But here’s where it gets even better. After forming the dung balls, females judge the males by the size of their “balls” and once they choose a certain ball, a single female with attach herself to it and the male will begin rolling it with his back legs while walking on his front legs, head upside down. They also use sun and moon to orient themselves.

When there’s tunnelers, who dig tunnels for the dung balls to be stored. And dwellers who simply live in the dung. Lazy bastards.


Dung beetles are able to lift weights that are 1141 times heavier than their own average body weight. because of this, they are widely known as the strongest pound for pound animals on the planet. They are incredibly strong, for their size, and fascinating and I hope you’ve learned something new about them.

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