Dracula Parrots Are Real And Scary Birds

You know, there are animals on this planet, that if you would see their photos, you wound’t believe they’re real. There are some reptiles or fish like that, for example. However, there are also some unbelievable birds. In fact, there’s a very peculiar and fascinating parrot species that most people don’t know exist. Dracula parrots, they are called, and they are very real and very scary birds. Or at least they look scary. Well, let’s discuss them.

Introduction to these Horrifying Parrots

A flying Dracula parrot. Image credits: Charles Davies

They are formally known as Pesquet’s parrots¬†(Psittrichas fulgidus). But they also have other names. Vulturine parrots or, as they are known colloquially, Dracula Parrots.

There are about 393 parrots species in the world, but few are as distinct from others as these ones are. These parrots are the only members of their genus and their genus is the only member of subfamily Psittrichadinae. In nature, they only live in the hills and mountains of New Zealand.

Distinct Appearance of these Birds

The single most notable attribute of vulturine parrots is how they look. They have black beaks, black and grey chests and bright red feathers in the center of their bodies, particularly their bellies and middle of their wings. They have shark beaks and dark eyes. Adult males have red spots behind their eyes, whereas females don’t.

Pesquet’s parrots have appear to have unusually small heads, for their size. They have bare black facial skin and long hooked bills. In fact, they are these parrots are one of three parrot species who have no feathers on their faces. All of this makes them look like vultures, hence the name – “vulturine parrots”.


These parrots are pretty large. For parrots. Adults have an average 48 cm or 18 inch length and they weigh about 680 to 800 grams, or 24 to 28 ounces.


The black and red colors make these parrots very distinct. Image credits: Linda De Volder

Dracula parrots don’t move from one branch to another, like other parrots. Instead, they jump from branch to branch.

These birds are highly specialize frugivores. They almost exclusively eat several different types of figs. Pesquet’s parrots have also been reported to consume flowers and nectar.

Psittrichas fulgidus mostly live in groups of 20 individuals. We don’t know much about their breeding rituals, but they seem to lay two large eggs in nests, created in large hollow trees, on average.


Dracula parrots are incredibly fascinating, distinct-looking birds that look like mythological creatures. And if you’d like to see one in real life, you’d have to go to New Zealand. However, they are also considered vulnerable to extinction. This is mainly because their feathers are often highly valued. This resulted in them being hunted and poached. Also, habitat loss, due to human activity is threatening them. Hopefully, spreading awareness about this will help them. And with that being said, I’d like to finish this Dracula Parrots Are Real And Scary Birds article.

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