5 Different Signs That Your Cat Is Sick

If you have a cat, which hundreds of millions of people all around the world do, you probably love and adore it. That’s why most people find it very hard to see cats suffer – they’re like family members. Sometimes, euthanasia is the only way to end their suffering, but a lot of cats who ended up being put to “sleep”, could have been saved if their ailments were diagnosed and properly treated early. So, this article is going to be about 5 early signs that your beloved feline pet is sick – 5 Different Signs That Your Cat Is Sick

Sign #1

Irregularities of basic functions can mean very big problems

Changes of Basic Functions

If your cat is experiencing drastic behavioural changes when it comes to urination, defecation, eating and drinking, this might be a sign of a disease. When it comes to the litter box issues, they might be caused by kidney diseases, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, diabetes, bacterial infections and quite a few other conditions.

When it comes to eating and drinking changes, it could be due to stomach problems, bacterial infections and parasite infections to name a few. And that’s just the first of the 5 Different Signs That Your Cat Is Sick.

Sign #2

Cats should not lose or gain too much weight in too short of time

Rapid Unexplained Weight Loss or Gain

Animals are similar to us, in this regard. Rapid and mysterious changes in the bodyweight can often be symptoms of certain ailments. And just like with us – humans, these ailments should be treated as soon as possible.

It’s important to note that losing or gaining a kilogram is a lot more dramatic to an average cat than an average human, because the overall body mass of a cat is significantly smaller than ours. Sometimes, gaining or losing a kilo or two is perfectly normal, but not if it happens very rapidly, to an adult cat, without any changes to the diet and lifestyle of the cat and if it puts the cat’s BMI in the unhealthy range.

If your cat is experiencing this sort of unhealthy weight changes, checking out it’s diet and physical activity is important, but if they are not at fault, it might be crucial to take your cat to the vet. Unhealthy weight changes can be results of parasites, bacterial infections and even various types of cancers.

Sign #3

Sometimes throwing up is great, sometimes it’s a sign of something very bad

Throwing Up

If your cat is constantly throwing up, it’s almost necessary to take him or her to the vet. Vomiting – can sometimes be normal and not dangerous, especially for cats who often have to expel their hair from their digestive tracts. However, sometimes, when your cat is throwing up, that’s a sign of a very serious problem.

Vomiting can be a symptom of issues with the stomach, poisoning, blockage, even some cancers and many other issues. Some are more severe, others are less. But if your cat is constantly throwing up, this might be serious and a trip to the vet can be life-saving.

Sign #4

If your cat finds it hard to move – it’s bad

Compromised Mobility

If your cat begins to limp, finds it hard to walk, let alone run, if he or she begins to lay a lot more and move less – this can be a cause of serious concern. This can be due to an injury, digestive issues, malnourishment, dehydration or arthritis – to name a few.

Taking care of your cat when he or she is acting like this can be crucial. A lot of times, if these problems aren’t addressed early enough, they become worse. This one hits home for me because my own cat cat polyarthritis and I know how painful that can be.

Sign #5

Bleeding cats aren’t very happy, apparently


If you find blood in your kitty friend’s stool, urine or vomit, this can be very serious. You should take your cat to the vet immediately. Blood in urine can be caused by a¬†urinary tract disorder. Especially if your cat finds it hard to pee, or feels the need to pee very often. Here’s an article on WebMD about Blood in the Urine in Cats.

Blood in in the stool could mean hemorrhoids, that, although unpleasant, aren’t very dangerous. But it can also mean a more dangerous problem is at hand. It could be caused by parasitic infections and could even mean bowel cancer. Although cancer is a pretty rare cause of blood in the stool.

Blood in vomit is always serious and can be deadly. If your cat is throwing up blood, you should take him or her to the vet immediately.


Cats are many peoples favorite pets. however, just like people – they can get sick and suffer or even die. I’m sure most of you love cats, own cats and would never let anything bad happen to your feline buddy. And I hope that this article will help you to identify problems with your cats before they become worse. Or even fatal. And that concludes this 5 Different Signs That Your Cat Is Sick article.

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