5 Big Differences Between Dogs And Cats

When it comes to pets, people are often split into two major categories – dog lovers and cat lovers, cat people and dog people and so on. Cats and dogs are two of the most popular pet species in the world. And so, there hundreds of millions of people are split on whether they like dogs or cats, more. Clearly our feline and canine friends are different. So, let’s discuss the 5 main differences between dogs and cats.

Difference #1

Night and Day Time

Daytime vs Nighttime

Generally speaking, dogs are most active during daytime. They like to play, run, hunt, eat, be petted and so on. They tend to relax and become sleepy in the evenings and go to sleep. You might notice that your dog takes short naps during the day, but he mostly sleeps in the night. Like us.

Cats, on the other hand, sleep a lot during the day. Often, they almost seem sedated when it’s daytime, but they become very active in the night. This is because of their natural hunter instincts. Cats – are nocturnal predators.

Difference #2

Dogs tend to be more social than cats


Dogs are successors of wolves. They are essentially wolves who have mutated because of humans. If you’re interested in knowing more about the history between humans and dogs, you can check out this article: Brief Dog And Human History. That being said, wolves live and hunt in packs. Dogs live and hunt, if they need to, in packs. They often use various tactics when chasing their prey and also just when traveling and living. They even often see their human owners, or pet parents, as pack leaders and they follow us with great loyalty and devotion. Dogs often try to involve themselves in whatever activities their human friends engage in.

Cats are very different. Cats are, by nature, solitary predators. Not all cats, lions, for example, often hunt in packs, but we’re talking about domestic cats. Cats hunt and live, mostly, by themselves, with some exceptions. Humans often have to try harder to tame or domesticate cats than dogs. Cats also don’t need as much attention as dogs. But they also don’t need as much support from humans as dogs when it comes to the litter box business and acquiring food.

It’s also important to note that these statements are generalization and that, just like humans, cats and dogs differ on individual basis. Some cats are extroverted and some dogs are introverted. And vice versa.

The point of the matter is that our canine buddies are generally a lot more dependent on us than our feline friends.

Difference #3

Cats need smaller meals more frequently than dogs

Eating Habits

There are many similarities between dogs and cats in terms of their diets. But there’s also many differences.

Dogs are omnivores. Cats are carnivores. Without exceptions. Dogs often prefer animal products, but can also live on plant products. Cats can only live on animal products, particularly meat.

When it comes to cat and dog eating habits, difference not only lay in what they eat, but also how often they eat. Cats need to eat small meals frequently, whereas dogs mostly eat big meals few times a day.

Difference #4

Dogs are usually easier to train than cats


There’s a popular misconception that it’s impossible to train cats. Cats are indeed – trainable. But they require different training than dogs. So if you want your cat to know tricks and respond to commands, rest assured it’s entirely possible.

You see, dogs are social pack animals who instinctively follow and listen to a pack leader. They are generally, in a way, submissive and group-thinking by nature. Cat’s are, by nature, a lot more solitary and independent. So you can’t expect cats to learn like dogs. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t train them.

It’s important to make sure that cat training sessions are short, but consistent and frequent. They should also be trained individually. Whereas dogs can be trained in groups and for long training sessions.

If you’d like to know more about training cats, you can read this article on hillspet.com – Cat Training: How to Train Your Cat the Easy Way

Difference #5

Dogs and cats are easy to distinguish because of their appearances

Physical Differences

Alright, now something more obvious.

Everyone can distinct between cats and dogs because of their looks. There are just so many differences between them when it comes to physical appearances.

First of all, dogs have claws that are very dull, compared to cats’ claws. That’s because dogs spend most of their time on the ground, running. Whereas cats often climb trees and other objects, so sharp claws are very useful to them. Dogs also mainly bite, when fighting. Cats also use their claws. So different claws help cats and dogs with different motor functions.

Dogs are also, generally, larger than cats, have stronger jaws and better bite forces. Cats are more agile and can jump and climb a lot better. House cats, that is, we’re not talking about big wild cats like Lions or Tigers.

Cats have better eyesight and hearing than dogs, but poorer sense of smell.


Cats and dogs, dogs or cats. Whichever you like more, it’s okay. Some people naturally gravitate to ones other the others, and it’s fine to acknowledge this difference of preference. Some of the differences mentioned above are reasons for why different people like cats over dogs or vice versa. There’s also other factors. But hopefully, you’ve learned something new about humanity’s favorite pets.

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