5 Best Toys For Dogs To Play With

Dog owners know just how playful dogs can be. So playful that they can cause real havoc, in fact. They can destroy furniture, windows, cars, electronics and many other things. That’s because dogs often have a lot of energy and the need to express it. usually, taking them for walks and playing with them helps, but people also usually let them play with toys. Dogs love toys. Especially the best ones. That’s why this article is called 5 Best Toys For Dogs To Play With.

And there are many different kinds of toys. Some are more generally liked by dogs than others, some are more durable than others and some are safer than others. It is time to discuss my personal favourite top 5 dog toys are are durable, safe, well-liked by dogs and that could perhaps save you from having to redecorate your house.

Toy Type #1

Fetch Toys

Dog bringing a fetch toy to his owner

Dogs have evolved from wolves. More on that in this article: Brief Dog And Human History. Because of that, they have hunting instincts that are natural to them. And so, they want to hunt and have tons of energy. All of this can be expressed by playing with catch, throw or fetch toys.

Dogs, generally speaking, love to play fetch and throwing certain toys for them to go, grab and bring them back to you can be very fun for both you, and the dog.

Fetch toys allow you to interract with your dog, keep your dog healthy physically and mentally, strengthen your bonds with your four-legged friend and let’s your dog to exert his or her energy and calm down, possibly preventing any unwanted damage that an energetic dog can cause.

If you’re interested in certain high quality dog fetch toys, you can get them on Amazon.com. Here’s a link: Amazon’s Fetch Toys.

Toy Type #2

Chewing Toys

An example of chewing toys for dogs.

While it can be very fun for your dog to fetch you toys, dogs also, generally speaking, love to bite something. That’s where chewing toys come in.

Chewing toys are essentially durable toys, usually made of rubber, that are designed for dogs to chew on and bite.

This can strengthen the jaw muscles of dogs and also help them to express their instinctive, destructive biting impulses, that can otherwise become very problematic.

If you’d like to check out some high-quality chewing toys for dogs, you can find them on Amazon.com. Here’s a link: Amazon’s Chewing Toys.

Toy Type #3

Rope Toys

Dog playing with a rope toy

People often like playing tug-of-war. It awakens something within us, you know? Something primal and instinctual. The same goes for dogs.

Dogs, being natural hunters that they are, often like to bite and pull on ropes. Rope toys take advantage of that and can help dog to exert that aggressive energy and keep their jaws strong.

There are many different types of rope toys for dogs, some are designed to have humans hold one end of the rope while the dog is pulling on the other one, some are designed to be attached to a pole, or something similar, and embedded into the ground for the dog to play.

If you’re interested, you might want to check out rope toys on Amazon.com. Here you go: Amazon’s Rope Toys for Dogs

Toy Type #4

Puzzle Toys

Just one of different puzzle toys for dogs.

While it’s important to keep your dog healthy physically, it’s also important to challenge him or her mentally. That’s where puzzle toys come in.

Puzzle toys are essentially puzzles that are designed for dogs to play with and solve. They make dogs think and can help to distinguish intelligent dogs from less intelligent ones.

These are very hard to design and make, in comparrison to most other dog toys, because on one hand they have to challenge dogs mentally, but also be appealing and captivating for dogs to play with them. Ideas and designs have to be pretty complex.

These toys range from physical toys to electronic games. They help to improve the cognitive abilities of dogs, make them easier to train and slow down cognitive decline that comes with age.

If you’d like to check out some of these toys, here’s the link to the ones you can find on Amazon.com: Amazon’s PuzzleToys for Dogs

Toy Type #5

Treat-Dispensing Toys

One of many treat-dispensing toys. Fun and Tasty.

Let’s be honest, we all love treats. We all have our treats and many of us have dogs who love treats. That’s why treat-dispensing toys for dogs exist.

These toys are designed to “throw” out a treat after being activated by dogs. And, predictably, they are almost universally loved by dogs.

The good thing about these toys is that they engage dogs and “feed” them – at the same time.

Sometimes, like with puzzle toys, dogs need to be tought how to use these toys, but once they learn that, they usually love them.

If you’d like to get your dog a treat-dispensing toy or two, here you go: Amazon’s Treat-Dispensing Toys for Dogs.


A happy dog. Probably plays with many toys.

Dogs need to be engaged with something to express their pent-up, overflowing energy, stay healthy (physically and mentally) and help prevent dogs from doing damage to property or people. Hopefully, the toys discussed above will help people and their dogs.

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