5 Best Toys For Cats To Play With

Cat owners know just how playful cats can be, and while they often play with each other or with humans, they also like to play with various objects, especially certain toys. And that is going to be the topic of this article, what toys do cats like the most, are the safest for them and also the longest-lasting? Here’s the 5 Best Toys For Cats To Play With article.

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#1 Catcher Wand

Cats tend to love this one.

Even though they tend to be very cute with humans, cats are carnivorous predators who are incredibly aggressive and dangerous to many smaller animals amd they tend to live their lives chasing them around. Even when playing they often like to chase their own tails, other cats and so on. And they also often love to chase various objects controlled by their beloved human friends. And so, almost nothing really beats the cather wand.

This toy is essentially a wand with a wire or a thin rope attached to it and, often, some other object attached to the other end-point which serves as a target for the cat. So, you hold the wand and move that wire-attached object away from the cat, forcing him or her to chase it. That’s the first of 5 Best Toys For Cats.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to Catcher wands for cat on Amazon.com: Catcher Wands

#2 Toy Mice

Replicas of old enemies of every cat.

It is well known that mice are some of the biggest enemies of cats. Cats prey on them almost as much as possible and so, it makes sense that cats find toy mice to be great toys to play with.

The are different kinds of toy mice, some are just stuffed-animals, some are plastic and mechanical toys that can be cranked-up and made to move. They often come with natural colors and a real-life-sized making them great toys for most cats to play with on their own.

If you’d like your cat to have toy mice to play with, here’s the ones that Aamzon.com has to offer: Toy Mice

#3 Cat Cube

Should be better than a cardboard box.

This one is more than just a toy – it’s a tiny house for your cat! But it’s a house that is specifically designed for cats. It’s a place where your cat can sleep, lay and play in. These tremendous cat houses are usually favoured by cats for these reasons and they are comfortable, safe, fluffy and often have toys attached to them.

If you’d like your cat to have a fun little house for him or her to live, sleep and play in rather than destroying your actuall house, you might want to check cat cubes out.

Here’s the cat cubes that Amazon.com has to offer: Cat Cubes

#4 Cat Tunnels

Cats tend to love being in tight spaces.

House cats tend to like being in smaller places like cat cubes and tunnels, some people even consider them to be somewhat agoraphobic. This is likely due to the fact that they are often smaller and weaker than many animals around them like dogs, foxes and also humans. So, they like to hide in smaller places for safety and to prey on smaller animals. Cats just tend to feel safer and better in small spaces – that’s why they like tunnels. And now you can get your kitty portable tunnels that he or she can play in.

Here’s Amazon.com’s cat tunnels: Cat Tunnels

#5 Lazer

Just make sure not to shine into their eyes.

Considering that cats are predators who hunt smaller animals and even play by fake-hunting other cats and objects, it’s easy to understand why they love chasing lazers. This is a well known fact and it happens that lazers are very easy-to-use tools that can help you play with your cat by just holding the lazer and moving your hand. CAUTION: one thing that has to be said is that you should make sure that the lazer doesn’t go into your cat’s eyes as it can cause damage.

Here’s Amazon.com’s lazers: Lazers


Cats are very playful small and cute predators who love to “destroy” things and sometimes that means destroying their owners homes, but sometimes it means aggressively playing with toys specialized for them. If you have a cat that you love and you’d like to get him or her some toys, you might want to check out the ones described above. And that concludes this 5 Best Toys For Cats To Play With article.

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