5 Benefits of Having Pets

Ok, so most of us either have or have had pets. The most popular pets in the world are dogs, cats, birds and freshwater fish. Chances are you’ve had at least one of them as a pet. Most people like having pets because of the connections that are established and good feelings and memories that we feel, form and share with them. However, I think there are several important positive aspects of having pets that should be discussed and I intend to do just that with this 5 Benefits of Having Pets article.

Benefit # 1

Psychological well being.

The happiness is just flowing

People who have pets are often more happy, less lonely, less stressed, less anxious and less depressed than people who don’t. In fact, it has been proven that looking into the eyes of a pet and petting him or her results in both the pet’s brain and your brain releasing oxytocin – love neuropeptide.

People who have pets also have significantly lower suicide rates and less occurrences of mental-illnesses and those who do have certain mental disorders often find that pets help to deal with them.

Here’s an article about pets and mental health.

Benefit # 2

Children’s Emotional Development

A happy girl with a happy rabbit

it has been proven that children who grow up in households with pets tend to have a significantly better emotional development than children who don’t have pets as they age. Kids who grow up with pets tend to be more kind, emotionally stable, less violent and better people overall. Pets can also be very therapeutic for kids who experience trauma or are dealing with certain other mental issues.

Benefit # 3

Allergy Prevention and Immune System Improvement

They don’t just make us happier but also more immune

Believe it or not, a study found that children ages 5 to 7 from pet-owning households attend school three weeks more per year than those who don’t have pets. Also, the doctor who conducted this study claims that the more pets a person grows up with, the less allergies he or she should have later in life.

Benefit # 4

Reduced Stroke or Heart Attack Likelihood

They even lessen your chances of having a heart attack, for crying out loud!

Another amazing fact – studies show that If you have a cat, you’re 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack, and 40 percent less likely to have a stroke. If you have experienced a heart attack and you have a dog, you are significantly, statistically, more likely to be alive a year later than somebody who doesn’t have a dog and has experienced a heart attack.

Benefit # 5


Pets can make the best friends!

Pet owners often socialize with each other or other people because of their pets. Taking your dog for a walk in a park, for example, greatly increases your chances of talking and getting to know other people. Some people actually use dogs as means of starting conversations with potential future spouses.

Having other animals as pets can also help to socialize with other people. People often start conversations when they notice that other people have animals that they have or like.


Having pets and treating them right can improve the lives of those pets and people who have them. From psychological wellness and emotional development to better immune systems, less ailments and even more socialization – pets can truly improve one’s life. In conclusion, hopefully this 5 Benefits of Having Pets article helps you guys!

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