15 Unbelievable Facts About Parrots

Birds are fascinating creatures, when you think about it. They can fly. Which is pretty amazing. Which is something that everyone knows about, but there are many other aspects of them that many people don’t know. And when talking about birds, we simply have to discuss parrots. They are some of the most fascinating and distinctive birds and animals, in general, living on Earth. So, let’s delve deep into unbelievable facts about parrots. Here’s 15 Unbelievable Facts About Parrots.

Parrots are incredibly intelligent birds.
  1. The Kakapo Parrots are some of the most intelligent birds and also animals. They can learn well, they can not only, learn words, but also associate them with objects or situations. Some scientists even believe that they have the intelligence of a four year old human kid.
  2. Parrots have zygodactyl feet, meaning that they have two toes pointing forward and two backward and they are the only birds that can eat using their feet.
  3. The average life span of parrots depend on their species. Small parrots usually live 15-20 years, medium-sized parrots 25-30 years and large parrots 60-100 years. Macaws are especially long-livedĀ and one blue-and-yellow macaw named Charlie is believed to be more than 100 years old.
  4. To mate, male parrots often put up a courtship display, parading, dancing and trying to attract the attention of females. Once a male parrot has found his female mate, they become mates for life, even after the mating season has ended.
  5. Bringing the attention back to the intelligence of parrots, many people know that they can mimic various sounds from their environment, like the ones made by their human owners. In nature, they mimic the sounds of other members of the flock, helping them communicate and warn each other of danger and sources of food. The world’s parrot leader in this, knows over 1700 words.
  6. Speaking of food, they taste food with the roofs of their mouths, rather than their tongues.
  7. Parrots have very strong, curved beaks that they use to crack nuts, sometimes even coconuts, in the case of the largest flying parrots, and defend against attackers. So be careful around parrots.
  8. Humans kept parrots as pets for over 3000 years. Ancient Egyptians had them and later on Indians and the Chinese. They were brought to Europe in 300 BC and often kept by the rich or royal individuals.
  9. Most parrots are omnivores that eat pretty much anything from nuts and fruit to insects and meat.
  10. There are roughly 350 known species of parrots, most of whom live in the tropical and subtropical regions of Australia, Asia, Central and South America and Africa. But some live in uncommon places, for example, Keas live in alpine regions of New Zealand and nest in ground burrows, while maroon-fronted parrots live in 1800 meters or 6000 feet above sea level in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico.
  11. The brilliantly colored feathers on parrots contain anti-bacterial pigment known as Psittacofulvins, which protects them from feather-damaging bacteria. Only parrots have this pigment and it is the pigment that gives their feather their bright colors.
  12. Parrots don’t have vocal cords. They make all sounds by pushing out their thrachea, so they don’t actually talk but whistle in different ways and that’s how they make various variations of sounds that they produce.
  13. Female parrots typically lay 2 to 8 eggs at a time and then take turn along with males to sit on them for 18 to 30 days, to incubate them, so to speak, and provide the right conditions for the offspring to be born.
  14. The Kakapo, the world’s largest parrot, can’t fly. They weigh around 9 pounds and are about 60 cm or two feet in length. They’re also active during night, while other parrots are not.
  15. Unfortunately, about one-third of all parrots face extinction due to habitat destruction and poaching.
A third of parrot species are facing extinction.

And that’s it, for now, folks! No matter how much you think you know about something, you can almost always learn something new. Parrots are truly special and beautiful birds that are very distinct from others and deserve to have their rare traits exposed and discussed. And that’s it for 15 Unbelievable Facts About Parrots.

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