10 World’s Fastest Dog Breeds

I’m sure you’ve heard about dog races. Races where dogs are trying to outrun each other. I’m also sure that you’ve seen regular dogs run – most of us have. And in both race dogs and regular dogs, most people notice that dogs of different breeds tend to run at different speeds. That being said, naturally, a question arises – which breed of dogs is the fastest one? Well, let’s discuss the 10 World’s Fastest Dog Breeds.

#10 German Shepherds, Poodles And Border Collie

The tenth spot is shared by these three breeds. Let’s discuss them:

Everybody knows German Shepherds

German Shepherds – Originally bred to herd sheep, now used by police and militaries worldwide. They are large and have incredibly sensitive sense of smell.

Poodles – These little doggies are divided into three size variations: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Standard ones are the fastest. Though their exact origins of species is not properly known, they have been bred as water retrievers and duck hunters.

Border Collie – These medium-sized dogs have been bred to herd livestock and are very intelligent, obedient, energetic and easy to train.

All of these dogs can reach speeds of 48 km or 30 miles per hour. And all of the managed to squeeze into the 10 World’s Fastest Dog Breeds category.

#9 Doberman Pinscher

A happy Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are pretty large, long-legged dogs who have have been bred to be guard dogs, but they can also make great pets if they are treated, trained and socialized properly.

Speed – 51.5 km or 32 miles per hour.

#8 Whippet 

Curious Whippet

Originally, whippets were greyhounds who were to small for hunting so they were just bred to kill rats. Later on, they became popular race dogs, because of their speed. They are considered to be the fastest accelerating dogs in the world, meaning they reach full speeds in the shortest time, relative to other dog breeds.

Speed – 58 km or 36 miles per hour, hovewer some whippets have been recorded to reach 64 km or 40 miles per hour.

#7 Borzoi 

Scared Borzoi

This dog is also known as the Russian Wolfhound was originally bred in Russia to hunt wolves, foxes and rabbits, usually in groups of 3. Tall, long and fast they were incredibly fast. In fact, their name comes from a Russian word meaning “fast”.

Speed – 58 km or 36 miles per hour.

#6 Dalmatian

A happy dalmatian with a great collar

These iconic dogs who have been portrayed in various art forms and media for decades aren’t just really cute, they’re also very fast. In fact, they were originally bred to run alongside carriages for long distances and also fend off highway robbers.

Speed – 59.5 km or 37 miles per hour.

#5 Jack Russell Terrier

A happy Jack Russell Terrier

These little, sturdy and very energetic doggies are quite fast. In fact, they have been bred to hunt foxes and they are a very recent breed. It’s easy for them to get bored and they constantly need to engage in physical activity for their energy. Because of that, they can be tamed and trained to be great at different dog sports or just make amazing companions.

Speed – 61 km or 38 miles per hour.

#4 and 3# Vizsla and Afgan Hound

Wise Vizsla

Again, a tie.

Vizslas – are very fast and pretty large dogs who have orignated from Hungary and have been bred to be companions of hunters. They have great instincts, senses of smell, eyesight and hearing, a ton of energy and are very sociable and need to be around other dogs or humans.

Afgan Hounds – these dogs originated from Afganistan and were bred to hunt in desert and mountain regions. They have long hair, which helps them to stay warm and can be very hard to train. They are considered to be basal species, meaning that their genes hasn’t been mixed with other breeds as much as most other dogs.

Vizslas and Afgan Hounds can reach speeds of 64 km or 40 miles per hour.

#2 Saluki

Just look at it!

Salukis are some of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Images of them have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back as far as 2134 BC. Even older carvings of them appear in acheological sites of ancient Sumeria dating back to about 7,000-6,000 B.C. They were also sometimes mummified by Egyptian pharaohs and even worshipped by muslims. These dogs were used in more modern times to hunt gazelles, foxes and rabbits. In fact, it is thought that although they can’t reach speeds of greyhounds, they can maintain sub-maximal speeds for longer periods of time and run longer distances.

Speed – 67.5 km or 42 miles per hour.

#1 Greyhound

Just look at those legs! No wonder they’re so fast

Greyhounds. There, you go. Greyhounds are the fastest dog in the world. How fast are they? Well, according to the Greyhound Pets of America, greyhounds can reach speeds that no other dog can. They are thought to have originated from the ancient Celts in Eastern Europe. In modern times, they were and are used as sighthounds for hunting, chasing and racing.

Speed – 72.5 kilometers or 45 miles per hour.


While dogs can’t really compare to many cats, in terms of speed, especially cheetahs, some of them can be incredibly fast. And none are faster than greyhounds. It’s interesting also to see how dogs evolved alongside humans and have different characteristics both physical and mental, because of humans and artificial selection. And that concludes this 10 World’s Fastest Dog Breeds article.

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