10 Differences Between Cats And Dogs

Two of the most iconic and popular pets in the world – dogs and cats, cats and dogs. Hundreds of millions of people have them as pets worldwide, however there does seem to be a disconnect between people who prefer dogs over cats and vice versa – dog and cat peoples. And that’s because dogs and cats are different and different people are drawn to different characteristics of their pets – that’s why some prefer either cats or dogs over the other. But what are those differences? Well, some of the mare quite obvious, others are a lot more difficult to spot. So, let’s delve into the 10 Differences Between Cats And Dogs.

Cats tend to be more introverted than dogs.

Difference #1

Dogs are a lot more easy to “tame” and teach to obey commands than cats. It can sometimes take minutes for a professional to teach a dog basic commands like “sit” and “come”, whereas cats are a lot harder to teach this to and sometimes it’s even impossible. However, cat’s are almost always easier to teach “potty training”.

Difference #2

Dogs tend to be very social animals who like to live with humans and other dogs, whereas cats tend to like being solitary and value their territory more than their company.

Difference #3

In the wild, dogs catch their prey by long slow-paced running, whereas cats tend to catch their prey by creeping up on the and then attacking them very rapidly. Dogs are marathon runners and cats are sprinters.

Difference #4

Dogs have claws that are constantly extended and actually get dull as time goes on due to the contact with the ground. Cats, on the other hand, have retractable claws that stay sharp because they are protected inside of their toes.

Difference #5

Dogs are omnivores, who prefer to eat meat, but if they can’t get it, they can sustain themselves for some time by eating plant material. Cat’s are pure carnivores and can’t survive on plant food and can only eat meat.

Difference #6

Dogs pant, whereas cats don’t. Dogs do so to cool themselves down, while cats have other thermoregulatory mechanisms like pads on their feet and sweat glands in their noses – that help them cool down.

Difference #7

Cats have 30 teeth, dogs have 42.

Difference #8

Cat’s can’t detect sweet tastes, whereas dogs can. That’s good for the cat, because they often can’t handle a lot of sugar and it can be very detrimental to them, while dogs can often handle a lot more. This is likely because cats are carnivores who only eat animals, who have very little carbohydrates, meanwhile dogs are omnivores and consume plant foods and grains and such. However, this means that they can develop fondness for sweets and this can lead to problems.

Difference #9

Cat’s are great climbers and are incredibly athletic in general, whereas dogs are groundbound and can’t really climb trees and are a lot more clumsy, but also usually more dangerous on the ground than domesticated cats.

Difference #10

Dogs love being praised and their self-esteem and mood highly depend on being recognized for their efforts and good deeds. Cats could care less. For the most part. Cats do seem to try to impress their owners by bringing them dead prey, like mice or rats, and seem to exibit positive emotions when recognized as having hunted the prey down, but they don’t seem to be as nearly dependent on their owners’ praise as dogs are.

Dogs respond to praise very well.


Cats and dogs are similar in some ways, and very different in other ways. Nonetheless, to each their own, and whether you’re a cat person or a dog persons, we should all recognize each other’s rights to like whichever species that they like and we should also share this 10 Differences Between Cats And Dogs article. Stay blessed, my friends!

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